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Hướng dẫn dập ép ốc vít tán tự giữ

  • 06/08/2021
Self-clinching Fasteners và Các Thông Số Kỹ Thuật Cơ Bản


Punch or drill the correct size hole in the panel as specified for the fastener. Install from the punch side of the panel if possible.

Make sure that the Shank or pilot of the fastener is located squarely in the hole before applying pressure.

Apply a parallel squeezing force.

Make sure the panel is held perpendicular to the Punch / Anvil.

Apply enough force to totally embed the knurling so the shoulder of the nut is squarely in contact with the sheet. For Studs and Standoffs, the head should be completely flush with the top of the panel. (See installation page for specific install procedure for non-flush fitting fasteners).

Pay attention to the specified minimum / maximum panel thickness for the fastener you are installing.

Pay attention to the specified maximum panel hardness limit for the fastener you are installing.

Pay attention to the minimum centreline to edge limit as specified for the fastener you are installing.

Make sure that installation tooling is in good condition and within specification for the fastener you are installing. Punches and anvils should be made from hardened tool steel. A worn or deformed punch or anvil will result in a sub-standard installation and poor performance.


De-burr or chamfer the hole on either side of the panel - this will remove material that is required during the clinching process and will reduce performance.

Over-install the fastener - this will distort the panel and depending on the type of fastener possibly result in tight threads or other fastener damage.

Try to install the fastener with a hammer blow - a sustained parallel squeezing force is required to allow the panel material to be displaced and cold-flow into the clinch feature.

Install 300 series stainless fasteners into stainless steel.

Specify a fastener designed for use in stainless steel.

Install steel or stainless fasteners into aluminium panels before anodising or finishing.

Install the fastener into the pre-painted side of a panel. Performance will be compromised.Install the screw from the head side of the fastener.

You must install from the opposite side of installation.

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Ốc ép Pem Nuts Sheet Metal

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